Investment Management

Lubbock's leading Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA® ) identifying unique investment challenges and strategies.

Successful investing is the key to turning your most important financial goals into reality. At Family Dynasty Advisors, we believe investing is too important to outsource to one-size-fits-all mutual-fund and money-manager firms. That's why we proudly craft actively managed, customized client portfolios.

What is Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA® )?

Do you have unique financial planning and investment management needs or a high-net-worth individual?

Certified Private Wealth Advisors understand financial obstacles that wealthy individuals face. They know how to address these challenges with specialized strategies, targeting in-depth, specific high-level planning and wealth management knowledge for high-net-worth individuals and families.

While the use of innovative technology along with elemental training are essential, top financial advisors recognize the importance of obtaining elite professional designations. With stringent experience, education, exam, and ethics requirements, the exclusive Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA® ) designation is reserved for select advisors – as of 2018, there were fewer than 2,000 CPWA® practitioners nationwide!


Our Tools

As an independent firm, we use an open-architecture platform to access the broadest range of investment options. Our platform provides advantages, such as competitive fees and timely trade implementation whereby clients can access and monitor their portfolio activity and performance through industry-leading software.

    Our Investment Philosophies


    Wealth Preservation


    Locking in Investment profits


    Remove the client’s fear of losing all your money


    Make investing less scary


    Focused on making profits


    Minimize investment losses


    The Market can be beaten


    Making our investment strategies understandable

    What We Don’t Believe in:

    • The financial industry's status quo or scaring clients into accepting low returns as standard.
    • Asset allocation shouldn't be based on age or complicated investment structures.
    • Guessing what the Market is going to do, or trying to predict what governments and people are going to do.
    • Our client experience is centered around YOU.

      Each strategy can be incorporated into a portfolio individually or partnered with additional strategies to achieve the client's investment goals.

      We listen to YOU.

      We begin by listening carefully to understand your extensive financial goals clearly.

      We learn about YOU.

      We analyze your assets, liabilities, and cash flow needs. We'll help you look for or coordinate a team of professionals to work with us on your behalf in the areas of taxation, insurance, and estate planning.

      We apply our strategies for YOU.

      We develop a strategy for the continued growth and use of your assets and have regular interactions with you and your team to ensure consistency with changing circumstances and goals.