Financial, Estate & Legacy Planning

Remove the fear of investing by working with a team to help reveal your path to financial success.

When your professional advisors share information, they can catch potential problems or opportunities that they might not have been able to see alone. Ideally, your team of advisors should be working together toward a common objective — your benefit.

Your Financial Quartet

It's important to engage the right professionals and to ensure they're all "playing in tune." Leaving your professional team to work in silos will not meet or exceed your objectives.


Why You Need A Team

One of the benefits of having a well-integrated financial team is finding more efficiencies and opportunities to save you money as they join forces.

Your Certified Wealth Manager

The work wealth managers do goes far beyond investing. Assisting our clients achieve the best financial outcomes often requires the cohesive support of a team of advisors, including accountants, insurance agents, lawyers, and others.

Financial managers are often in the best position to facilitate an advisory team's analysis, discussion, and decision-making. This is primarily due to how wealth managers typically interact with clients: routine and spontaneous conversations and the big picture and problem-solving modes.

Financial managers are often in the best position to facilitate the analysis, discussion, and decision-making of an advisory team.


Our Certified Wealth Advisor is here to give you more of the information you want, and the knowledge you never knew you needed. To get to your next goal, contact us today!

Why Wealth Advisors & Accountants Should Talk

There are many circumstances where money could be left on the table. What is the best way to approach required minimum distributions (RMDs)? Do you know when to harness tax-loss harvesting and when to make gains? What about projecting estate taxes and formulating strategies for reducing them.

If your Financial Advisor / Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA® ) and CPA aren't already talking, now would be a great time to introduce them. Most people understand the importance of having their money work for them, but few recognize the power of coordinating the advice they're receiving.

Why Wealth Advisors & Attorneys Should Communicate

The same goes for Attorneys and Wealth Advisors — especially in situations like estate planning, a divorce, or the sale of a closely-held business. Address all your financial needs and legal aspects of such transactions with your team of experts.

Assembling Your Team

We encourage all our clients to permit us to exchange information with their other advisors. We're always looking for opportunities to deliver better results through more active collaboration.

If you think there's an issue we should be exploring with your other trusted advisors, please let us know. We look forward to helping you bring your team together.