Did You Know

Investors in the S&P 500 have endured an annual -16% intra-year decline (on average between 2000-2019) yet only achieve an annual return of approximately 6% during this same time period.  

Why would investors accept such a lop-sided risk vs reward system?? 

We think there is a better way.


Our Ideology

We believe optimizing investment returns requires a two step process. 

First, we allocate investment dollars to market sectors we believe have the greatest potential for gains during current market upswings. 

Secondly, and just as important, we focus on protecting those investment gains by minimizing loses during market declines.

Our Strategy

Our proprietary investment strategy incorporates a five (5) component allocation system…Fundamental, Tactical, Trend, Divergent, Bonds.

Each allocation can be incorporated into a portfolio as a “stand alone” strategy or can be utilized in conjunction with other allocations. 

Since the market continuously rotates between being rational to irrational, our multi-component investment strategy allows us to optimize returns in all market conditions.  

Why Choose Us

At Family Dynasty Advisors LLC, we believe minimizing investment capital loses is just as important as optimizing your investment capital growth.  

In the simplest terms…the less investment capital you lose, the more investment capital you have to benefit from compounding returns.

So if our investment strategy is intriguing to you, give us a call.  We’d enjoy visiting with you.