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Pursuing Steady Growth in Unsteady Markets

While the stock market subjects its investors to emotionally draining market swings, our proprietary solution is a diversified and actively managed tactical strategy.

Our strategy allows investors to maximize their profit potential by being invested during a rising market environment yet flexible enough to move to a money market fund to lock in profits when unfavorable market conditions persist.

Family Dynasty Advisor’s Tactical Strategy strives to produce attractive long-term investment gains by minimizing the negative impact a significant market decline can have on a client’s portfolio.

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Family Dynasty Advisors is an RIA firm implementing hedge fund-type strategies. Our investments are monitored daily. This approach allows us to respond quickly to shifting market conditions.

Our dual mandate enables us to provide clients with a low-volatility investment option while also offering clients the ability to achieve long-term gains that can only be achieved through exposure to the stock market.

Redefining Goals-Based Investing

You are sacrificing today to make a better tomorrow. Correct? At Family Dynasty Advisors, we understand that success isn't just about your contributions – it's also about the active participation and partnership formed with your advisor, whose job is to maximize your portfolio's potential returns.

A passive, "set-it and forget-it" mentality is not conducive to maximizing profits in the long term because most investors accept lower investment returns to achieve reduced market volatility.

Our goals-based investing strategy successfully achieves maximum results from both parties. The investor maximizes their available contribution dollars while we maximize the portfolio's potential return.


Drastically Reduce

Standard Deviation

Our clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing they don't have to worry about wild market swings.

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Family Dynasty Advisors' Tactical strategy is an actively traded approach designed to minimize market volatility (standard deviation) and avoid substantial market declines.

By 'going to cash' during market downturns and then reinvesting that cash once the market has stabilized, we are able to help our clients achieve a higher level of stability and predictability in their investment returns.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Trying to time market tops and bottoms is notoriously difficult – in fact, it's nearly impossible. The cost of delaying the decision to sell or re-enter the market can be significant, with a negative impact on overall return on your investments.

Consider this: in declining markets, waiting too long to get out can be disastrous. By the time you realize what's happening, you may have already lost a significant amount of money. Conversely, waiting too long to get back in can mean missing out on the market recovery phase and the potential for significant gains.

At Family Dynasty Advisors, we offer a better approach. Our Tactical strategy is very methodical, which is based on over 25 years of stock market experience, and is designed to help maximize returns while minimizing risk. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our expertise and experience, without the stress and uncertainty of trying to navigate the market on your own.

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