Insurance & Annuities

Get coverage that’s tailored to your unique financial planning needs

Markets fluctuate, priorities shift, and global events can alter life as we know it. How do you plan for the future when the present is ever changing? You shouldn’t have to fear the unexpected, which is why we’re here to help you create confidence about your future and financial decisions.

How We Are Different

Our firm is set up to manage the investments within your annuity. This reduces the fees charged by annuity company while also allowing Family Dynasty Advisors to create a better asset allocation strategy because we can control the investments held inside and outside of the annuity.


Why An Annuity Matters

Annuities are designed to supply income through a process of accumulation and annuitization or, in the case of immediate annuities, lifetime payments guaranteed by the insurance company that begin within a month of purchase — no accumulation phase necessary. Annuity contracts transfer all the risk of a down market to the insurance company. This means you, the annuity owner, are protected from market risk and longevity risk, that is, the risk of outliving your money.

Reasons to Buy an Annuity

A fixed annuity offers more stability and predictability than other types of annuities, at the cost of potential greater earnings on your principal. Other types of annuities, like variable and indexed, share certain features with a fixed annuity but may offer greater payouts—and greater risks.

Annuities are a fantastic tool to add to your investment arsenal. Offering guaranteed returns and predictability. If you are looking for a retirement investment strategy that protects your principal, has some good upside potential, and provides a predictable guaranteed lifetime income stream in retirement, an annuity may be something to consider.

The adage that an investor is more concerned with the return of his principal than with the return on his principal is more applicable now than ever before.


Knowing you're getting a guaranteed return can help build confidence in your overall plan. Our Certified Wealth Advisor is here to give you more of the information you want, and the knowledge you never knew you needed!

Insurance Protection where it counts

History has shown that there will always be a time where even the wealthy will experience some financial damages based on economic and/or political turmoil. Life insurance can help all those with dependents in protecting their assets and securing their family’s finances.

Designed to fit you and your lifestyle

The search for the right life insurance company will largely depend on your policy needs and personal preferences. When your business, professional and private interests grow, so do your risks. Suddenly, you’re dealing with complex financial protection issues that require the assistance of seasoned experts. We’ll work with you to identify, assess, and manage the unique set of risks that come with a high net worth. We are able to provide expert guidance and customized risk management solutions to high net worth individuals.
Whether you want insurance for now or for a lifetime, we have options to help protect what’s important.