Taylor Stratton

Technical Analyst

When I’m not at work I am the happiest when …

Traveling with friends and family around the country.

If I had a personal motto, it would be …

“Careful who you let on your ship, some people will sink the ship just because they cannot captain the boat.”

If I had a warning label it would be …

“Without caffeine the body will only run at half speed and/or shut down.”

If my daily clock had 28 hours I would …

Be found at the gym more often while I travel more with friends and family.

On the top of my bucket list is …

I want to travel to some of the highest places I can, while also visiting the lows the world has to offer.


I utilize relevant knowledge of the Market to derive patterns and provide critical trading information, establishing technical indicators backed by past performance. To do all this, I look at statistics such as trading volume, price, interest rates, and trading rates while analyzing price movement.


Market Advisement
Investment Forecasting
Comprehensive Analysis


  • Mid-America Nazarian University – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Chartered Market Technician® Program