July 22, 2022

Innovative Charter School Supply Drive

The Betty M. Condra School for Education Innovation broke ground this week on Tuesday. The plans are to improve around 23,000 square feet of the former Kaplan College building to give the school room to grow and serve more students. Students will be moving to the location at 10th Street and Avenue O once renovations to the building are complete later this year.
The Betty M. Condra School for Education Innovation is focused on helping students achieve their potential in life by eliminating roadblocks to academic achievement, increasing self-esteem, and encouraging the development of character and social-emotional skills.
Condra provides intensive and highly-specialized, individualized instruction to all students based on their strengths and creative abilities. Through multi-sensory instruction and within a supportive environment, the intent is to close any gaps while allowing each child to move ahead in areas of strength.

A Free Charter School With A Mission

The Condra School is particularly well suited for those children who struggle with language-based learning differences such as Dyslexia, and/or ADHD, and/or with Executive Functioning. Some of the notable classroom differences include little lecture, shorter instruction periods that keep subjects engaging, and regular physical and extracurricular activities like art and music. Classroom furniture like stools allow for more movement than typical chairs. No students are pulled out for instruction intervention, nor are they assigned homework.

See A Need, Fill A Need

Family Dynasty Advisors realizes that The Betty M. Condra School for Education Innovation's educational program is just as unique as our investment opportunities. Their desire to maximize performance resonates, and we are looking to help start their 2022/2023 school year off a little brighter!

We see what a difference it can make when a student has everything they need to succeed within their school day.

If you feel called to donate items, please bring them to Family Dynasty Advisors at donate items

Classes start on August 8th - The deadline is August 5th