Our Process


While we are certainly skilled at investment management, we believe communication and understanding of a client’s goals and circumstances are the most important factors when creating, implementing, and maintaining an investment management strategy.


It is easy to make money when the market is “going up”.  It’s during times of market volatility and economic uncertainty where the design and strategy of a portfolio can make or break a clients’ financial success.   


It now becomes time to allocate a client’s portfolio dollars between our proprietary, five component, allocation system which is based on each client’s unique objectives.  We may include all five components in a portfolio or we may only include one.  Our goal is to optimize the client’s return through a strategically diversified allocation strategy.     


Once a client’s particular component allocation has been implemented, the firm begins to focus on two objectives…

  • First, we want to be fully invested when the market is experiencing growth.
  • Our second objective focuses on investment capital preservation during those times in the market when negativity is the prevailing trend. We believe that achieving peak investment performance can only occur if you simultaneously minimize investment losses.