Our Process


While we are certainly skilled in the business of investment management, we believe communication and understanding of a client’s goals and circumstances are the most important factors when creating, implementing, and maintaining an investment management strategy.


Universally, everyone wants to make as much money as possible. When the market is “going up,” this goal is easy to achieve. The issue arises when market volatility and uncertainty show up and ruin the party. It is in these uncertain times when the design of a client’s portfolio becomes so important. While even the best-designed investment portfolio cannot remove all market volatility, a well-designed portfolio can certainly ensure the client maintains their peace of mind.


The third step in our investment management process is to build the client’s portfolio. We treat cash as its own asset allocation along with stocks and bonds. Just as there are times when being invested in stocks is the most prudent and lucrative investment strategy, there are certainly times when being invested in cash or bonds is prudent option.


Once a client’s particular asset allocation has been implemented, the firm’s proprietary investment management strategy is initiated. Our strategy focuses on two objectives. First, we want to be fully invested when the market is experiencing growth. Our second objective focuses on investment capital preservation during those times in the market when negativity is the prevailing trend. We believe that achieving peak investment performance can only occur if you simultaneously minimize investment losses.