When it comes to investing, you have options. An annuity can generate low-risk returns and may be a great addition to your investment strategy.

To fund long-term goals, some investment risk is necessary to grow your wealth sufficiently. Annuities are among the safest investments available. Some clients wish to give up a few gains to preserve and protect their investments when the markets have a downturn.
The adage that an investor is more concerned with the return of his principal than with the return on his principal is more applicable now than ever before.

How We Are Different

Our firm manages the investments within your annuity, reducing the fees charged by an annuity company. Family Dynasty Advisors can create a customized asset allocation strategy as we can control the investments held inside and outside of the annuity.


Risks vs Rewards

Building a lucrative portfolio means one thoughtfully selects investments with different levels of risk, so they work together toward a common goal. Annuities may be a terrific option to consider depending on your personal goals!

Investment Strategy is KEY.

The best retirement strategy is to consider a comprehensive financial plan that weighs many factors. Ensure your investment plan, asset allocation, and security selection methodology align with your goals, risk tolerances, and personal preferences. Annuities can be a part of your mix and produce tax-advantaged retirement income that securities can't.

Guaranteed Income TRADE-OFFS.

Everything in life is about trade-offs. With low-risk investment choices, you are unlikely to lose your principal, but you are also unlikely to earn a very high rate of return.

Is An Annuity Right For YOU?

The answer to whether or not an annuity is a good investment for you can be found in your personal investment objectives. Your objectives will be largely influenced by your risk tolerance and several other factors.

Joining forces with an expert is a solid arrow to add to your investment quiver. Ensure your investment strategy is sound and set up to meet your expectations by weighing your objectives with a professional.



Knowing you're getting a guaranteed return can help build confidence in your overall plan. Our Certified Wealth Advisor is here to give you more of the information you want, and the knowledge you never knew you needed!