Jamie Mitchell

Director of Marketing

I want to be remembered for …

Being a fantastic listener. Incredible solutions, transformations and achievements can be created inside a space where a person can truly be heard. This is a gift and one I share proudly with those who are in need.

A saying I live by is …

Everything is "figuroutable". As an eternal optimist, I truly believe no challenge is to great. Pausing to reflect and allowing creativity to flow generally provides all the answers we need!

If I could only eat one type of cuisine for the rest of my life, it would be …

Thai - hands down! Nothing compares to the flavor profiles it provides.

When not working I’m happiest …

Camping, the real roughing it kind. There's nothing more I enjoy than getting away from everything and improving camp.


I've work with founders and executives for nearly twenty years, providing  the necessary tools to bring clarity, direction, and positive support to increase performance, productivity, and business marketing efforts.

Specializing in keeping a pulse on the industry and our clients' interests and needs, capturing memories at client events, and creative community outreach. Marketing and creative efforts combined with technical expertise and innovative thinking to build value and visibility.


Client Engagement
Client Care


  • Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications
  • ICF Accredited Coach (Business & Marketing)
  • Landmark Graduate (Forum & Communications 1 and 2)